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Bespoke Joinery/Bespoke Furniture in London - inspired interiors, bespoke joinery, undivided attention

Our high-quality bespoke joinery can help you transform your home in London.

Whatever the room, whatever the need, our partnership with Purdom’s Bespoke Furniture means we are able to create beautiful, long-lasting, perfectly-fitted ways to enrich your life and add value to your home. It might be dressing rooms, media units, cabinetry, alcove units, storage, fitted wardrobes, a new staircase or perhaps a unique dining-table and bespoke kitchens designed and built just for your home. Whether you have a very specific idea of what you’d like, a shortlist of possible items and designs, or a sense that you’d like something amazing but can’t quite picture it, everything begins with a free initial consultation which lasts an hour. Lee Purdom, with whom I collaborate, is an outstanding joiner with over 20 years’ experience who specialises in creating beautiful pieces of furniture. Our partnership as Purdom & Kirkwood guarantees every element in a room will be considered, created and crafted solely with your needs and preferences in mind. Lee’s long and varied experience of creating striking bespoke joinery in London means he perfectly understands how personal tastes are and the number of ways in which well crafted wood can transform a home. Many decisions lie between our first conversation and the moment the project is complete and the piece becomes yours to enjoy. Establishing an excellent relationship early on means these decisions are informed and easily reached.

My personal and tailored approach ensures that however you use our joinery services, what’s finally realised will be unique and a high-quality, contemporary addition to your home.

Working as Purdom & Kirkwood means we have all the specialist skills to ensure that whatever you need is created with care and flair, built to the most rigorous standards at our workshops in Eynsford, and fitted with painstaking attention to detail. When we collaborate, Lee and I share responsibility for the project’s progress and delivery, from first conversations to installation and completion, which means the process of creation and construction will be as smooth and efficient as it can be. This certain expectation of a smooth process arises partly from the quality of Lee’s work, and partly from our personal investment in understanding your expectations. Only when we’ve completed the initial consultation and arrived at a settled plan do we begin. As long as you agree to it all – and if you don’t, the plan obviously changes – we then move on to creating, constructing, installing and completing the project.

All of our bespoke joinery in London is as unique as our clients. You buy more than high-quality craftsmanship from us; you’re also investing in our vision and passion.

When Lee and I work on a project for you, we work with the kind of enthusiasm and motivation we would each expect from someone working on our own homes. Because this matters to us, and because we care, we don’t skimp or compromise and will not settle for less than the best. A personalised service, the highest quality products and the trust of our clients: these are the circumstances in which we can and do give of our best. We never deliver joinery which simply ticks boxes; your designs will be the one-off result of a painstaking process involving patience, creativity, questioning and research.

If your beautiful new kitchen, storage, wardrobes or piece of furniture is not something we’d be proud to have in our home, you won’t even get to see it.

The pieces we create and build need to inspire us before we can expect them to excite you. They have to give us a buzz before we’re prepared to put them in front of our clients, because the intangible quality which elevates our work is our passion for it. We strive to appeal simultaneously to your head and heart, to quicken your pulse and be a feast for your eyes at the same time as giving you peace of mind. We completely understand what a huge commitment a beautiful new bespoke piece of joinery is. We also understand that in return you’re entitled to expect work which turns heads, starts conversations, raises smiles, fulfils a function and endures. Amazing design is so much more than the sum of its parts. A new piece in your home might simplify life, offer new space, provide opportunities for socialising or an elegant solution to a longstanding problem. But it should also excite you when you think of it, lift you when you see it, and make life easier and more enjoyable: this is our aim for each new joinery project we complete.