What our Happy Clients Say

It’s always good to hear back from clients, not just at the time we finish (when they might simply be thrilled that the project’s completed) but especially after some time’s elapsed and they’ve had a chance to really enjoy the benefits of the work they’ve asked us to do.
Following a thorough consultation we entrusted her and her curtain maker with the entire process of design, sourcing fabrics and installation. We are delighted with the finished result.
H. Thomas
We took the decision to employ Elle to manage the renovation and undertake the design of the interior. Elle listened to my vision and carefully inserted hers which was much more creative, stunning and beautiful than I could have ever done. I enttursted her and Lee to create a unique bespome kitchen. Combining colour and pattern has been key in achieving a superb finish.
Olivia Bishton - Dulwich project
Elle sourced beautiful furniture pieces for us, including a sofa, a rug side tables and also vespoke shelving and cupboards. We’re so happy with our new living space and would highly recommend Elle.

After meeting Elle we were assured that her involvement wouldn’t firstly blow our budget, or secondary create a fanciful design that wasn’t to our taste. We look forward to her input on our next project,

V. Graham
I welcomed her approach and complete professionalism from beginning to end. My new living room is my haven and I enjoy spending time in it. If you are apprehensive about seeking help for your home I can’t recommend Guthrie & Kirkwood enough.
B. Paszylk
Elle had been highly recommended to us by a previous client. I cannot express my absolute gratefulness towards Elle for her professional approach and understanding throughout the project. Nothing ever seems to be a problem, decisions were made efficiently.
Trevor and Jacqui Quigley
The effects are way beyond our expectations. As ever Elle’s colour choices are bold but create stunning rooms, and the space now works much better fo us as a family, giving me a peaceful spot for reading and working, with an amazing family space to watching movies and chilling out.
K. Jenner
We had always thought interior design was scary and expensive, but our experience with G&K overcame our fears and exceeded our expectations.
G. Lardner
Working with Elle has been great fun. From the initial design layout of our room to her ideas around paint colours, fabrics and furniture was without complication and exciting. Elle encouraged us to step out of our comfort zone to achieve a worthy wow factor.
S. Edwards

When we finally took the decision to start our business, we had everything in hand concerning our product, suppliers and a clear vision of how we’d share our passion as chef-led fishmongers with the people of Chislehurst and surrounding areas. We had secured our premises in a prime location in Chislehurst but we knew we needed assistance in giving our brand and the shop a strong identity. From the moment we sat down with Elle for the concept meeting it was clear to us that she had taken our business plan and associated slide deck and projected it into reality. When we walked away from the meeting we felt bowled over and genuinely excited about the prospect of what was to come. We felt that Elle not only understood the concept, but was taking the identity of the shop into a new and exciting direction. Elle worked hard to take us out of our comfort zone, and reassured us that it would work and work well to move away from the classic design of a fishmonger and create a design that was bold and contemporary and above all, operational. All aspects of the shop, concerning building works, building regs, trades, project management and implementation were dealt with by Elle. She was on site constantly, liaised with us and all trades, dealt with the triumphs and also the challenging aspects of the job without question. We chose to invest in her because we didn’t want to carry those pressures and we were well aware that our expertise lay elsewhere. I cannot recommend her and her services highly enough and we look forward to working with her again on our next opening.

Andy Roberts, Co-founder of Fish Union