Interior design Kent

Interior Design Kent - inspired interiors, bespoke joinery, undivided attention

If you’re looking for the best interior design in Kent, you’ll probably already know that the phrase ‘interior design’ covers a very wide range of design services.

While it can all sound quite daunting, working with me means a completely bespoke and personal service which has trust between us at the heart of it. Once you’ve made contact, everything begins with an initial consultation which is free of charge and lasts an hour. This is our opportunity to get to know each other and, importantly, for me to start to understand in detail what you’re looking for in an interior designer, and what your vision is for the space or spaces you’d like to see transformed. This conversation might focus on your preferred palate of colours, textures, materials and finishes; there might be larger-scale logistical or planning challenges to overcome; or we might talk more broadly about how you’d like your home to change in the coming years to better suit changing circumstances (a growing family, older children leaving home, for example, the need or desire to work from a home or garden office, or an idea to open up spaces to generate income or to convert existing spaces to different use).

Whatever maximising your home’s potential means to you, my personal and tailored approach will cover as many elements as you need it to.

This means creating striking spaces, reconfiguring interior architecture, collaborating with trusted professionals to hand-build beautiful pieces of furniture, project-managing the whole transformation to be the easiest, most efficient process possible. This smoothness of delivery is possible not just because of my personal investment in getting to know you and understanding your expectations, it also comes from a clear, phased approach to interior design. Once we’ve completed the initial consultation and clarified exactly what’s to be delivered, as well as how and by when, we start the first phase of research to identify colours, materials and finishes for preliminary review. Provided you approve (and I always tweak if required), we move onto the schematic design phase where I will develop furniture plans/drawings. This phase includes sourcing furniture, accessories and fixtures, fittings and equipment (FFE).

None of this is standard or by-the-book design. When you invest in us, you invest not just in our professionalism and dedication; you should expect these to come as standard.

Instead, you’re investing in our vision, and in our unique passion for truly inspiring and personalised interior design. When I – and all the trusted professionals with whom I collaborate – work on a project for you, we work with the kind of enthusiasm and motivation we would each expect from someone working on our own homes. Because this matters to us, and because we care, we don’t skimp or compromise and will not settle for less than the best. A personalised service, the highest quality products and the trust of our clients: these are the circumstances in which we can and do give of our best.

So when we describe the final design phase as a ‘presentation of your final e-collage with samples, relevant sourcing information and pricing for your final approval’, we’re not describing some kind of slightly-adapted template which we might present to any number of other clients. Your designs will be the one-off result of a painstaking process involving thorough research of (for example) materials, flooring, colours, tiles, worktops, lighting, seating, furniture and appliances.

But those designs will not just be unique and crafted with you and your home in mind; they also need to inspire us before we can expect them to excite you.

Interior design has to give us a buzz before we’re prepared to put it in front of our clients; if it doesn’t excite us then you won’t even get to see it. What we strive to do is appeal simultaneously to your head and heart, to quicken your pulse and be a feast for your eyes at the same time as giving you peace of mind. We completely understand the investment of time, energy and money which the best interior design represents, and we also understand that in return for such investment you’re entitled to expect work which turns heads, starts conversations and endures. This is the quality to which we aspire, our benchmark on every project. And this is what we deliver.