Top 5 Interior Design Trends for Autumn and Winter 2021

With the evenings drawing in earlier each night and the outdoors changing into a picturesque scene of autumn, we’re already thinking of the interior trends that will transform our homes into cosy sanctuaries as we nest inside. At Guthrie and Kirkwood, we’re passionate about interior design and renovation and love to get ahead of the curve to ensure we bring the best pieces and styles to your home! Let’s take a look at the top 5 interior design trends for autumn and winter 2021…

Colour of The Year

Autumn is one of the most inspiring times of the year and its colourful backdrop may encourage some to bring earthly shades of brown and amber into their home. These are fantastic choices to provide a warm and nurturing atmosphere to the home. In fact, Dulux’s colour of the year, Brave Ground, is a fantastic example of this. It is a wonderful elemental neutral shade providing a warm taupe brown base tone to your home.


Perhaps because we increased the time spent at home in 2021, we also saw an increase of maximalism which brought with it a nod to the art deco style. People all over the world are admiring gold again. From gold hardware in kitchens to gold mirrors and finishes on furniture, it can add a real touch of luxe to your home so it’s perfect to pair with bold colours and rich textures such as velvet.

Dark Wood

We’re pleased to see that bleached and painted wood has given way to a rise in popularity of dark wood in recent months. Dark wood details provide rich and luxurious notes to any interior and welcome real detail and natural patterns into the home. Many interior and home stylists swear by the old Feng Shui rules to always include wood as a natural element in the home. We think the best ways to achieve this are through solid wood pieces such as tables and sideboards or through bookshelves and panelling.


Plants always take the interiors of a space to the next level but are particularly important during the autumn and winter months for a few reasons. Firstly, they add a welcome splash of green to a room. Secondly, they add much-needed life which we know can improve mental health and wellbeing. Thirdly, they have incredible health benefits such as keeping the air clean and low in pollution, which can be a problem in the colder months due to our closed windows and central heating. Plants such as peace lilies, for example, are fantastic for keeping high quality air in the home during the autumn and winter.

Spa Bathrooms

We believe one should always feel at home and relaxed in their bathroom! Perhaps with the limited travel and spa access, many of us have been turning our bathrooms into our own spa sanctuaries with large bathtubs taking centre stage along with real wood bath tables for tea and hydration whilst you enjoy a good soak. People have also been opting for larger showers for steaming – and a touch of eucalyptus goes a long way too! Remember to finish off the look with luxurious fluffy towels and robes for a real spa finish.

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